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I'm gonna try this one more!  Sorry for messaging everyone in the group.  Guess I'm not used to the format :/

I found this site because I am starting a face to face book club with my friend and I googled some ideas and found myself here.  I considered choosing whatever this group's current read was, but it looks like that's not how it works.  So...any suggestions?  She's a solid atheist and I'm an agnostic with an affection for my "culturally Christian" background.  (Don't know if these details would help with the suggestions.)  Thanks to anyone whose willing to help me out!  :)

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    I love to read. I run several online book clubs and one local book club. I prefer fiction. I've also been invited to and participated in many local and online book clubs. People are so unreliable. Most rarely read the book much less show up to discuss it. Many times they just say how they didn't like what someone else picked or compare homes, children, husbands, and rings. Oh well. I read for the fun of it and just keep on going. Someday I'll be part of a book club that actually has decided members. I just know it. LOL

    A non fiction book I'm reading right now, that might interest you is Acts of Faith by Eboo Patel. He started an interfaith initiative that is open to those of us with no faith at all, working together for world stewardship and peace. This is his story about how he was raised in the Muslim religion in America and came to this way of life and thinking.

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      Rudy Ruddell

      I just found this site too, hoping that there would be a book that several atheists were reading and that I could read along and join the discussion. However, I don't see that going on here. Maybe I will try to start one here. My favorite atheist books are The God Virus by Daryl Ray and The Religion Virus by Craig James. 

      I want to read " Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All — and...."

      I am currently taking history class that is taking up my reading time, but when I am done in May, I think I will return and try to start a real book club here.