Darwin Was a Punk

This group is for all of us who love science and counterculture scenes (punk, metal, industrial, or goth). 


Just because you are a skeptic doesn't mean you can't have tats and piercings. :)

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  • Nichelle Wrenn

    Oi! I'm a RIOT GURRL who sold out to join the military. But still one at heart, to steal a feeling from Jonathan. It's like living SLC Punk, without the drugs... or death. I never did acquire the piercings or tats, though. Aiden is coming to Rock Beyond Belief, they are not quite punk but halfway between punk, goth and metal; a.k.a. indescribable.

  • sway austin

    I grew up on punk rock. Still listen to a lot of it.

  • Pope Beanie

    Whoops, I don't HAVE to have tatts or piecings, right? I just like the possibilities of counter-culture, including other people's tatts and piercings.

    FYI, here are several relevant links: