West Texas Atheists

For atheists in the general El Paso, Amarillo, San Angelo, Abilene area.
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  • Susan Barnum

    Next meetup!!!!

  • Fracina Turner

    Right after, I posted that comment, my husband was offered a job in Monterey, Ca. I'm now in the process of packing up my house and getting ready to move. Squee! I did, however, let my friend know about the meetup group and he's interested. I'm so happy that you guys have organized here in El Paso. I've been here only 1.5 years and it's not been easy for myself or my kids, so I can't imagine how difficult it must be for freethinkers who grew up here. Good luck, and may FSM wrap you in his noodley appendages.:)

  • Dero Bengalen

    I went back to my home town to visit my family. One of those days a couple of christian ladies showed up and were obviously selling Jesus. I was very welcoming and I listened as they approached me with their practiced speech.

    They talked about pornography. I'm not a big fan of pornography but I have deliberately watched some out of curiosity. Anyway I gave them my opinion a the subject but from a different point of view. Mostly from the stuff that is shown on TV when kids are awake. With all that going on they can't really blame teenagers and their thirst for pornography. In this age it isn't even bad; if we look at the standards that have been imposed by society. 

    But anyway. At least they learned the opinion of an atheist without knowing I was an atheist o-o 

    I hope this story is useful in any way. Good night~~