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A place where Atheists who are interested in philosophy can talk about a diversity of subjects such as epistemology, free will, the meaning of life, ethics, etc.
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  • Mike Donohoe

    So, bundled up and took a chilly walk to the store to get some Nos, and... Fundamentalism is not the only way to be a Christian. Christianity is not the only way to be religious. Religion is not the only way to have faith in a higher power. Atheism is not the only way to appreciate reason and science. If you justifiably despise some whose beliefs make them irrational, annoying, hypocritical, or even dangerous, this does not require that you hate everyone whose beliefs differ from yours. Especially if you think for yourself. =D
  • Simon Paynton

    I wouldn't despise someone for being irrational or annoying, because in themselves these are harmless.  Frankly, which of us is not irrational or annoying every day?  Hypocritical and dangerous are, well, dangerous, and to be despised in my opinion. 

  • Mike Donohoe

    That's cool. Irrational and annoying can be, well, annoying. lol. Stuck in an elevator, trying to ride the bus in peace or what have you. Not to disagree with you, really.