eBook Reading Atheists

Do you love Books? Do you love eBooks? Do you use the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, or other eBook reader? Join the conversation!
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  • Joseph Barney

    Checking out ebooks from my local library is great. They return themselves! I gotta say I like DRM! My iPad is perfect for ebooks too! Now if they'll only add more books.
  • Susan K. Perry

    I'm getting used to reading ebooks on my laptop. Serious authors aren't necessarily giving away their books for free. When my own KYLIE'S HEEL (atheist protagonist deals with major challenges) is set up as an ebook by my publisher, I'll let you all know. Right now seeking reviewers or anyone who knows of a good atheist book blogger. (paperback available now - but I figure even if you adore ebooks, you still read paper sometimes, right?)

  • Nerdy Keith

    I personally use Amazon Kindle on my Galaxy Android Tablet