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A place for all of us godless writers to discuss writing, language, and literature. Feel free to post your poetry, short stories, or anything else you'd like to share with the community.
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  • Ken Hughes

    G'Day Hugh, glad to have you aboard.  Speak of "bible belt" and finding it hard to find fellow atheists therein, I live near Decatur, TX and the shine of the belt's brass buckle ca be seen from here even if it isn't actually on-site.  I regularly submit letters to the editor of the Wise County Messenger from a progressive and atheist side of life even though I've spent the last more than half of my 45-years of marriage to Dee, with a born-again evangelical type. 

    If you want to visit and then "Letters to the Editor" you will find my latest submission under Ken Hughes where I again affirm my disbeliever status.  You will find a lot of my work there and it's all from the progressive political and non-believer side of life, for which i am roundly excoriated, fun, fun, fun!  I like, no LOVE to pervert the prevailing paradigm of holy-roller BS.

  • Don

    This message appeared out of the Facebook blue yesterday on my Author page: "I'm a 42-year-old English teacher who's read everything from Joyce to Beckett to Stein, but no book ever has had an impact on me to match 'Hard Feelings.' Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    HARD FEELINGS appeared in 1977 and was out of print by 1980. It's always gratifying when a reader seeks you out to say he's enjoyed something you've written, but when he wants you to know your words and imagination have struck a lasting chord in his life, that's pretty huge. There is nothing easy about writing fiction every day all day long without ever knowing whether it's worth much of anything. The rewards (when there are rewards) are few and far between. So this sort of validation, slim as it may be, is more than heartening.

  • Lydia Hickman

    I have a friend who just published a book of poetry who is Agnostic that I think this community might be interested in. Her book is on Amazon. Search Lorna Wilson.