Baltimore, Md. Atheists

Welcome Baltimore, Md. Atheists
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  • CJoe

    Hey! We're having another meet-up Jan 21st, with special guest Gregory S Paul. RSVP here!

  • CJoe

    Hi all!!! We're meeting downtown Annapolis this month. If you want to come out, be sure to RSVP since we may have to increase the party number if more than 10 want to attend. Also, arrive 15 minutes early since they won't seat us until our party is complete.

    We're having a theistic Mensan come to speak and answer questions. This is NOT a debate, so please don't be confrontational or rude. Of course, we know you all have great manners... asking is just a formality ;)

  • Eric Smallwood

    New to TA here...was wondering what's going on with Baltimore members lately?