New York N.Y. Atheists

Welcome New York!
  • Amanda

    Proud NY atheist!
  • Morgan Matthew

    For what it is worth 377 people from New York have visited the site. Which is in 3rd place out of all the states. Cali is #1 and Texas is 2.
  • VeganAtheist

    A majority of my friends in NYC are atheist. I'm a new member. Like what i see!
  • Eddie Goldman

    New York itself is proof enough that there are no gods.
  • Dan™

    Hey everyone.

    I don't live in NYC, but I'm only 10 min outside the city so close enough.
  • Sydni Moser

    Welcome Adriana! Now who is going to start a discussion??? Anyone? It's snowing here and my daughter and I were supposed to take off for sunny Florida later today out of JFK... Looks like we might be spending our New Year's Eve on our living room couch, watching the globe drop in Times Square. Boo hoo....
  • Sydni Moser

    Big Apple Kids from 194 Countries

    Danny Goldfield’s NYChildren project captures images of kids from every country, residing in New York City. The spirit of the project has become more than just pictures.

    The NYChildren project has a goal to capture images of a child from each of the world's 194 countries. The caveat: they must all reside in New York City.

    At the outset, it was all about the pictures. However, with children from 170 countries photographed to date, Danny Goldfield saw the project turn into something much larger: a celebration of diversity that can build bridges in a multi-cultural community.

    "NYChildren is an opportunity to help repair the world," he explains.

    Goldfield says his dream is that upon completion of the photo project, he would hold an event where families that have participated could meet each other and celebrate. "The true mission," he says, "is to gather and nurture an inclusive community of children and create opportunities for them to meet and learn about each other, and form friendships."

    Today, the photographer is still seeking children from 24 countries, including Andorra, Benin, North Korea, Samoa, and Vatican City.
  • Lucy

    Wow! Up until now I believed I was the only Atheist in New York City! Hey Guys, From Brooklyn! N Go Yankees!
  • Lucy

    Hey Thanks For that Merillat! I sure will! :-)
  • Bennett Reid Golden

    Hey all, I've just moved here from another city and I'm pretty lost and quite honestly, the city's getting me down. Any advice? Any meetings or something that makes being social that much easier? I feel like a shut in, in the busiest city ever...