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Calling all Anime and Manga lovers!!! Join this group!! We can chat about geeky Japanese stuff... and you don't have to be Japanese!
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  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    PS... I'm trying to balance out the blend of weekly featured animes with Shojos [Girls romantic comedies], Shonens [boys action animes], childrens, and horror. As alway, feel free to suggest anything that has an english subbed version!
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    It's Saturday, and that means it's time for a new weekly featured anime. This week's featured anime is Ah! My Goddess.
  • Cesar Deicide

    It's Saturday! Time for another Manga/Anime of the week! My recommendation for this week is


    Set in a parallel current history, Japan is governed by a autocratic system. In order to give it's citizens a reason to value their lives all children at age 10 are implanted a chip that will kill them by the time they are 19-23 luckily (?) only 1 in 1000 will activate, however they are only informed about it 24 hours before they die. What happens to these people while they await for death? Read ikigami to find out!