Atheists/Agnostics Do Recover

This is for anyone who is in recovery through the NA program, who feels like they are told that recovery wont work without god. Im here to tell you otherwise, I have mulitple years clean, and I do it with out god. We will talk about facts in this group, and what the bottom line is, for the recovery process.

  • William Brown

    Im in a battle of sorts with NA as a whole about having an alternate versions of the steps, and a new piece of literature drawn up that includes those of us in the NA program who choose not to beLIEve in a god. It is going to mix things up, but if this is truely a program built around change, there is no arguement that can stand up. My whole presentation if fact driven, I leave out my personal views and just run with facts, that are undeniable in the face of adversity.

  • William Brown , this gets right to the point.

  • Dean Kruger

    Very interesting can of worms...

    I like this take on it.

    I don't need any gods in my recovery program and I am coming up for 4 years...

    I am thinking of starting a Agnostics and Atheists NA group in Cape Town but haven't put the action in just yet...