Help! Prayer in School

So all the parents of our kindergarten class received an email from a parent asking if anyone would like to join tomorrow before school on school grounds (this is a public school) to pray (as it's National Prayer Day) for our school. Is this legal? Anyone have any idea??
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    David Diamond

    UPDATE:  The Principal got wind of this gathering and advised my daughter's teacher to tell the parent that if they want to pray it has to be on the sidewalk, NOT on school property.  So when my partner took our daughter to school this morning, what did he see? About 10 people (including the aforementioned parent) ON SCHOOL PROPERTY with their heads upturned to the sky in prayer.


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    Andy Hoke

    When you consider how much money goes into public education, any allotment of (expensive) time is in fact injurious to (tax paying) atheists.

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      If it's put on by the parents, then it is legal. The state cannot force prayer, but they also cannot ban it. You can pray in school. You just can't be forced to pray by the school, or by any association working with the school. You have every right to not meet at the pole, as I'm assuming that's what that is.