Donald Sterling banned from NBA: would you vote to force him to sell the Clippers?

Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, has just banned Clippers team owner Donald Sterling from the NBA for life. Now the other 29 team owners in the NBA would have to muster a two-thirds majority vote to force Sterling to sell the Clippers (possibly to Magic Johnson).

If you were an NBA owner, would you vote to force Donald Sterling, an admitted racist, to sell the Clippers?


Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA:

"The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful; that they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage. Sentiments of this kind are contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect that form the foundation of our diverse, multicultural and multiethnic league.

"I am personally distraught that the views expressed by Mr. Sterling came from within an institution that has historically taken such a leadership role in matters of race relations and caused current and former players, coaches, fans and partners of the NBA to question their very association with the league.

"To them, and pioneers of the game like Earl Lloyd, Chuck Cooper, Sweetwater Clifton, the great Bill Russell, and particularly Magic Johnson, I apologize. Accordingly, effective immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers organization or the NBA. Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices. He may not be present at any Clippers facility, and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. He will also be barred from attending NBA Board of Governors meetings or participating in any other league activity.

"I am also fining Mr. Sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the NBA constitution. These funds will be donated to organizations dedicated to anti discrimination and tolerance efforts that will be jointly selected by the NBA and its Players Association.

"As for Mr. Sterling's ownership interest in the Clippers, I will urge the Board of Governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team and will do everything in my power to ensure that that happens."

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    The constitutional right to free speech only says the GOVERNMENT can't prevent you from speaking your mind or punish you for it.  And even that has exceptions (try yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater). 

    It says nothing about your company firing you (as long as it is done legally), your friends ostracizing you, your customers deserting you or boycotting you, or any other socioeconomic repercussions. 

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      Gregg R Thomas

      And now it's looking like the Clippers are actually owned by a Trust.  Question: How do you force a Trust to sell one of it's holding?  Is it practical to try?  How much will it cost?  Who pays for it?

      Mark Cuban said: "Slippery Slope" I think he's right.

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        Am I missing something?  The team is a franchise under the NBA umbrella, like the KFC in my town.  If the owner(s) of the franchise breaks a serious enough corporate rule, they take away his franchise.  Without the franchise it's just 5 guys standing around in shorts.  They have nobody to play against and nowhere to play, because I imagine the arena's contract is with an NBA team which they would no longer be.