Is the risk worth it? What do you think?

I want to get a tattoo. I have ALWAYS wanted one and I finally know exactly what I want. In planning to go under the needle I have been researching etc etc...

Then I came across some unsettling articles that state basically the scientific evidence hasn't been NO ONE KNOWS the real health risks...


I am asking this question to benefit anyone who either has a tattoo or others like me considering it. My personal concern is the potential risk of birth defects because I am planning on having more children. I have plenty of childbearing life ahead of me and I'm getting my body ready for another reading the unsettling news of the "unknown" has made me think about possibly putting my tattoo plans on hold until my childbearing/breastfeeding days are over...(Which will be YEARS from now, I'm only 31.)

So generally speaking, here's my questions: Knowing that there is some scary stuff in tattoo ink, is the risk worth it?

What do you think? Am I just being paranoid? Or should I "relax already" LOL!!!!
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    The oceans are deep and cold. (fact)

    The oceans Move in circular currents

    The land moves on plates (fact)

    Earth quakes occur often.

    Plants grow in soil
    Plants give off oxygen

    A woman with a tramp stamp is more promiscuous
    A woman without a tramp stamp is less promiscuous.

    Which of these are general truths and which are total bullshit?


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    Gregg R Thomas

    So says Jerome Koch, a sociologist with Texas Tech University's "Body Art Team" -- true moniker -- which surveyed 1,753 students at four colleges and found a correlation between multiple tattoos or piercings and "deviant behavior."

    LOL "students at four colleges"

    Yep, that's a good cross section of Americans with an opinion, LOL.

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      I think it says a lot that most of the replies to my comments are males. I think it tends to imply that the women understand what I'm saying better than the males do, probably because they are the ones who have to live with these attitudes. They probably also know that different groupings of women do differ in terms of openness to "no strings" sexual encounters, sex on first sight/first date, etc.