Is there a right to believe in god, afterlife ?

Hi all,

I think we have to "fight" against religions, for so many reasons.

But do we have to deprive people of something they have inegrated very deep in their lives, in which they find support, comfort, that make their lives more bearable; that something being beliefs, meaning and purpose in existence ?

I think that atheists have to be humanists. Some believers did not have any oportunity not to believe from the start, being raised in a religious context, but some others accepted (i prefer accept rather than choose) to believe later, as adults.

I am strongly against religious education, especially of young ones, i compare this to a mind rape. But once someone has found religious useful to him, and that it makes him happier, is it a good thing to try and make him quit believing ?

I'm sure we all atheists feel the lack of meaning & purpose of existence. But i don't think everyone has what it takes, from what he experienced to his very nature, to bear the weight of void.

While we criticize the lack of tolerance of religions, aren't we doing something similar when trying to convince a believer ?

So is there any legitimacy in exposing our arguments against beliefs, shouldn't we fight on another ground? Pure education? Religions rather beliefs ?


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    James Cox

    Is this question roughly equal to, 'do we have a right to be nutty?'

    Who says what is 'nutty'?

    After 58 years, I have noticed that the term 'normal' is very over used!

    Pick your church, corporation, cult, to determine the type of 'normal' you want to live. 

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      My position on religion in general is as follows. I respect your right to believe in the fashionable god of your indoctrination. I respect your right to have a place of worship (as long as my taxes are not used to pay for it) and to practice the aspects of your religion in that place of worship and in your home. I respect those rights and I would fight to defend them (within reason).

      But don’t expect me to respect your religion as such because in my opinion your religion (I’m thinking of the big three) is not worthy of respect. It’s intellectually dishonest, socially manipulative, potentially murderous, and sexually discriminate. That’s my opinion and I ask you to respect it. Furthermore, I reserve the right to say what I think, to mock the social phenomenon that your religion is and to say things about it that you find offensive. Because your religion is about what you believe, whereas my opinion is about what I think. What you think as a christian (for example) is of no interest to me because it is by definition biased and irrational, and therefore totally irrelevant to the world I live in.

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      Atheists must not aspire to be dictators.