Are those that eat meat and are aware of the arguments for vegetarianism bad people?

So here is a question.  

I am currently eating a steak.  It came from a dead animal - one who most likely didn't have the greatest life, one could say suffered - One could go so far as to say the animal I am eating used to live a life of torture.  

I am perfectly well aware of the arguments for not eating meat.  The arguments against animal abuse.  I have watched the videos of animals being slaughtered because I wanted information to make an informed opinion.  

It wouldn't be a lie for me to admit that I agree with all the arguments from the non meat eater/vegetarian crowd.  I agree with them almost completely.  That the animals do in fact suffer more than they should.  

But honestly - eating this steak makes me feel good.  I enjoy chewing it, tasting it - the red and bloody steak it becomes with butter and pepper.  It's delicious to me.  

I guess it's more that I just don't care about the suffering the animals enough for me to give up my delicious steak.  Or veal chop.  Or rack of lamb.  

What say you, rational minds?  Am I a 'bad person' for admitting that the arguments make sense and yet I choose to simply ignore them for my own one could say - selfish and short-term desires?  

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    mary bottoms

    The answer to that question is deciedly NO. You have a perfect right to eat meat. I've met some vegetarians who did not like hearing about meat eating per se. After giving her comments, my brother mentioned that he had recently returned  from a black powder hunt with a wild boar. He went into great detail. At the time, he needed the meat to survive.

    This happened at a New Year's eve party. Though  my brother did not intend to gross her out, he had a right to speak and follow his own precepts. The young lady did appear a bit affected, but not horribly so.


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      I personally rarely see people as good or bad (or evil), just their actions. The action of eating meat, especially with full knowledge of why one should not, is wrong.

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        John Major

        If by bad, you mean doing something that you know you shouldn't, then yes, you're bad. The tension between doing the right thing and making yourself happy is less easily resolved by atheists. Like the vast majority, you set aside what you know to be wrong to satiate selfish desires.