Hitler an Atheist or a Christian ?

I have been doin a lot of reading as one of the things christians love to say if you point to the violance in the OT is "well look at Hitler and Stalin they wer Atheists , How many people did they murder?"

I never knew what to say to this, now after doing some reading including the Mein Kampf, reading the Richskonkordat, the contract with the Catholic church that Hitler signed and looking at his history, Hitler was very religious. 



Interesting links to look at, what do you think about Hitler and religion and that Christians say he was an Atheist?

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    If you look at the German History after World war 1 the Germans was in poverty, because of the war and peaces of land that was given to others to controle. Hitler came at a good time, as a great speaker, lots of promisses to uplioft his people, and the Jews as a scape goat. Desperate people are very easy to manupilate.
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      Reg The Fronkey Farmer

      and here is a good book on the subject...

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        Ron Humphrey

        So when christians say this they are comparing their god to hitler.   Do they not realize what they are saying?

        I woould not want to equate the creator of the universe, the supreme being, the loving god to hitler.

        Although I do see where you might confuse the two.