Discrimination Against Atheists?

I for one believe that their is a lot of discrimination towards atheist. I, coming from a very "christian" school, face the discrimination in silence. I'm curious though. How do you feel about this? Do you think that their is discrimination? Even in schools? Thank you for your answers and have a happy logical day guys. :)

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    Kairan Nierde

    I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with nutjobs like Ms. Minister. We only had a few religious zealots in my school and they kept to themselves, preferring to be righteous in silence. I was moderately religious at the time, and I never noticed much talk of religion. There was a prayer meet before and outside of highschool that I went to a couple of times...perhaps 40-80 students and some faculty attended. In college, I don't think I knew any atheists but I feel they would have been tolerated. I went to a Jesuit college (Catholic). Perhaps they would have been engaged in discussion out of curiousity...but the atmosphere in college is generally one of repectful tolerance for diversity. It can even be "cool" to be unique. I wish real life were more like college! :-)

    Hrm...I think the Big Scary Atheist has hairy arms because atheism is associated with Darwinism. I recently saw a documentary on the development of women's fashion and personal hygiene, and it said that one of the factors influencing the rising popularity of shaving was the changing awareness of where humans stand in relation to nature. People wanted to distance themselves from the apes, as Christian thought has always allowed them to do. 

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      Claire Couch

      Never thought of that, but I guess it makes sense.

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        Peta M

        I am a firm believer that any and all discrimination is fear based as humans we are afraid of many new things which is in fact a survival instinct and very often people who come accross new things they don't know how to deal with  will watch it, run away from it ,  ignore it, mock it, play with it , or try to  kill it , all completely normal experimental discovery type behaviours - however socially unacceptable since we've evolved somewhat ,and also difficult on the recipient end of the experiment (fight or flight etc...) . Some of us seem to be armed with all the skills to do these things and explore new things an inoffensive empathetic manner some of us clearly don't.

        In my opinion  almost all of us are taught these skills from watching our parents, so there is no simple cure, and your right there is definately plenty of discrimination about lots of things out there and often its fueled by parenting and closed societies and their magnified and somewhat obscurely confirmed (by their relevant others) fear of the unknown .

        I have come accross Atheist discrimination before mainly from Christians, and I've always started with please tell me your definition of an atheist and it usually ends there or ends with  a poor understanding and explanation which I resond to with , well your wasting your time discriminating against me because what you just described has nothing to do with what you think i may or may not be, and I would suggest a dictionary .

        Alternately if they do know which is rare i will say so you are actually knowingly discriminating against me are you because that's not very Christian of you and from what i've read people seem to have ended up in hell for lesser offences haven't they?

        Little do most of them know not only am i an atheist I was raised by Theists and probably have read their bible with more scrutiny than they ever have and I certainly wont waste a breath giving them a verse or 2 of there own if they care to take up that challenge .

        On a positive note 1 of those people is to this day one of my best friends after tackling the subject we found we actually quited liked each other and although we didn't have that in common there were lots of other things we did have in common  the rest is history ...