Debunking The Bible: The Atheist Challenge - Genesis 1:1

The atheist response to the text of the Bible is based primarily upon the young earth creationist interpretation, which is flawed. If I put myself objectively in the position of the atheist attempting to debunk the Bible I would start with Genesis Chapter 1. The Chapter passed the inspection of this former atheist.

The Hebrew verb consists of two different states. The perfect state indicates an action which is complete, whereas the imperfect state indicates a continuous or incomplete action.

At Genesis 1:1 the word bara, translated as created, is in the perfect state, which means that at this point the creation of the heavens and the Earth were completed. Later, as in verse 16 the Hebrew word asah, translated as made, is used, which is in the imperfect state, indicating continuous action. The heavens and Earth were created in verse 1 and an indeterminate time later they were being prepared for habitation, much the same as a bed is manufactured (complete) and made (continuous) afterwards.

What this means is that the creation was complete even before the six "days" of creation even began, in fact, later verses in the chapter reveal it was more than likely a long time in between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

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    What I find amusing, David, is that you continue to delve into ancient texts for answers. You seem to take them as God's word, but you forget that at one point, every one of the fantastical and tragic events that happen in the Bible were current events. Part of the reason they take on an air of divinity is because they are seen through the eyes of legend--therefore edited for effect.

    Imagine yourself as the editor of the Biblical Times, a newspaper dedicated to writing down the events as they happen. An ace reporter brings you in an account of a leader of a band of former slaves coming back from a 40 year journey, and he has inscribed tablets that they say are direct from Hisself. You David, would be the one debunking every unbelievable story. You have shown that you have an interest in research, but somewhere along the way, you stop when someone supposedly authoritative in ancient history says goddidit. If you were there, you would be the one saying "no He di'n't". 

    The ancient accounts you read have all of the authority of the blogs you might read today. Certainly the stories were honed by oral historians, not for their truth, but for their mnemonics. If you were there, right as the first accounts were coming in, you, of all people would be the most skeptical. 

    Even regarding Genesis 1:1, someone would bring you the information that they know how the world was formed. You would ask how they got the info and they might say they got it from their grandpa. You would go ask him and he would say he heard it from his grandpa. At some point you will realize that it is totally unprovable, what was said, and it would not even make page 13 of the Biblical Times.

    So, I encourage you to go on with your research of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Or Jebus Horatio of Nazereth: Water Walker. They are pretty much the same thing.

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    Debunk the bible?? Why not debunk a Superman comic. I am completely at a loss to understand why ANY sane person would give a shit what bronze-age men believed (except from an anthropological standpoint). Oh, I forgot - it wasn't ancient fishers. GOD wrote the Bible. How do we know that? The Bible says so. But how do we know the Bible is infallible? Because Peter SAW God in the back room writing with lightning onto gold tablets which were subsequently buried in Illinois. So there we have it. PROOF!! Or have I got the wrong version?

    What utter nonsense! What's to debunk?

    I would be genuinely interested to hear someone defend the Bible without, in the final analysis, using either God or the Bible as the authority. Come on. Give us a chuckle.
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      प्रमोद शाही

      What this means is that the creation was complete even before the six "days" of creation even began, in fact, later verses in the chapter reveal it was more than likely a long time in between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

      So, That's how your read the Holy Bible?? Here's a link Rig-Veda <Sa> to one of the oldest scripture of Hinduism in Sanskrit language & this Rig-Veda <En> is for English translation of that ancient "metered" poetry at Wikisource. I don't think that I've to debunk the Enuma-Elish to prove that I'm an atheist.