West Pointer Quits Over Proselytizing

The twitter feed posted a link to this article earlier and from there I found my way to Military.com's version of the story.  Both articles tell the same story, a kid dropping out over religious favoritism, and that is respectable in my eyes.  My problem is with the comments section of the second link.  I am in no way affiliated with the armed forces so my insight is limited, but after reading through that mess I was pretty outraged.  A sampling of the comments is as follows and generally follows the same theme.

"Good, you little waste of flesh. Take your heathen **** back to your grandmommy and figure out just how your going to pay us back. It amazes me that someone who believes in nothing can have such a strong stance on freedom of religion. You cannot tell me that I cannot believe in Christ just because you are around. It violates my freedom of religion and speach."

"Obviously a 'spoiled' little rich kid that always got his own way....**** HIM !! I wish the darft was back in so I could strap a field pack on his *** and show him the treal side to being a solider. Another ******* liberal !!!!!"

"I've met many like this. Unfortunately, he'll probably end up a grumpy old man that wasted his youth thinking he was smarter than all generations preceeding him....yet amounting to nothing."

-And the most bothersome-

"The Constitution allows for Freedom "OF" Religion, not Freedom "From" Religion. Just because someone shared his/her beliefs with this young man does not make it a crime. Keep in mind this article is only his side of the story and you never have the full story with only one side. "

Are all of the service branches filled with this type of mindset?  And more importantly, how can you get people to see that "freedom from religion" is covered by and just as important as "freedom of religion"?

Also what do you all think of his decision to drop out at this stage of his education?

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    Well done US military, out-doing your own stereotypes by at least 10%

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      For those good little Christians who are defending our good, Christian, American troops, you might want to share this, from good little Christians who don't share their respect:

      And there's much, MUCH more --

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        Hank Hell

        The dutch millitary is unionized, ours is fascist. Why would I join an organization to protect my freedoms when their first priority is to strip all my freedoms. Leadership is a disgusting and corrosive concept and war is a sham designed to benefit the blood thirsty few at the expense of the ignornt and numerous. This guy had the right idea, now if only every other person in the whole world would do the same. Einstein said that the pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse millitary service and I fully agree. If I kill someone it sure wont be a stranger or for the benafit of fucking exxon. I bet if an American sodier raised the issue of unionization they would through him/her right in millitary prison for life. Death to all authority.