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Hey, Christians;

I have a single, simple question for you.  It may at first seem frivolous, but I assure you that I am dead serious and consider its implications profound and its answers revelatory of the Christian mindset. 

If I believed in a compassionate, all-powerful God who answers prayers, I would pray every day for Him to eradicate all human disease.

My question is predicated on the a priori assumption that you do not do this.

My only question for you is: WHY NOT?

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    The lunacy of prayer can be illustrated quite well in the Middle East where you have differing religious factions praying fervently to Allah and Yahweh to smite their enemy: Jews and Palestinians, Sunnis and Shiites, Muslims and Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims.  On and on. Or the Tim Timbo's praying to their god for favoritism in a phreaking football game. Or winning a lottery. Rarely is there time to beseech their god for healing of the disease stricken or starving  masses around the globe. And why should prayer even be necessary in the first place? If a being capable of creating the universe is aware of the trials, tribulations, and misfortunes of needy human beings on planet Earth why would you need to bring it to the god's attention. Is this some sort of sick game he/she/it plays with humans. Beg and I might, just might, answer your pleadings. It's ridiculous and preposterous. 

    If prayer actually worked I believe there would be a lot more callouses on the knees of theists. 

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      Tiffany Willoughby

      well. i have prayed when i was a christian for god to heal the world and all that. nothing happened. so i stopped. (it was only years later i deconverted)

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        Tiffany Willoughby

        your on an athiest website. im just saying. your just asking for it. why did you sign up to an athiest website? there are plenty of christian websites for yall out there?