pledge of allegiance

hi just going to point out that the pledge of allegiance was added in the seventies and can be changed. and i want your views on that
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    Dale Headley

    No big deal.  From the beginning, I just closed my mouth on the "...under God" part.

    Actually, I have stopped reciting the Pledge at all; and when I was a teacher, I refused to require my classes to recite it.  I see no compelling reason why people should owe allegiance to whatever country they happen to inhabit, much less some non-existent deity.  And, in fact, few countries are so chauvinistic as to demand this of its citizens.  They believe that a government owes allegiance to its people; not the other way around.  And neither should owe allegiance to some god or other. 

    Here's what our revered Pledge REALLY says: 

    ...”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the corporate plutocracy for which it stands, one empire, under a mythical deity, with liberty and justice for rich, white men.”

    How’s this for a better pledge:  “I pledge allegiance to the people of the world, and to their health, welfare, and prosperity.”  That’s a sentiment I would gladly embrace aloud.

    Okay, Republicans, all together now: "WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE THE COUNTRY?"  Believe me, if I'd known what I know now when I was younger, I would have tried.  I did apply for a job in Canada, where they don't torture prisoners; don't slaughter innocent civilians for economic gain; don't spy on their citizens without a warrant; don't permit any cowboy wannabe to carry a gun; don't deny free health care to anyone, don't deny people the right to love whom they wish; don't discriminate by reason of language or skin color; and - most of all - don't seek to start wars at the drop of a hat.  Unfortunately, Canada had no need, in 1976, of my particular skills.

    Besides, I do love this country; at least the part of it where I live.  And I feel I am contributing more to its improvement by staying and fighting against the things I think are hurting it, like religion, incipient fascism, and blind patriotism.   

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    The "Knights of Columbus" take great pride in their accomplishment to get "under god" added to the pledge. Never underestimate the power of guys with silly hats who take secret oaths. In fact, does anybody know where you can pick up a pope hat? I'd like to wear one next time I go to the supermarket.

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      Hi Will,

          As an Australian, I don't have to take a pledge of allegiance to my country, or yours. If I did, I would be very disappointed if it involved religion, other than to specify freedom of religion.