Did YOU Ever FEAR the LORD ?

Catholics teach that the fear of god is a gift from the holy spirit.

Fear = Wisdom? Really?

I used to fear GOD. It was real to me and a constant source of stress. Perhaps when atheists speak of new found freedom, some of it is really the shedding of fear. Did you ever "FEAR the LORD? and if so, how did it feel to ditch that fear?

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    “Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions god’s infinite love.” - Bill Hicks

    I used to Fear the Lord.  For a lot of ex-believers this is probably what comes back and haunts us the most.  A lot of my Christian friends now accuse me of 'losing the fear of the Lord' like that's the worst possible thing I could do.  Can I get a witness?

    The funny thing is that their bible also says, "perfect love casts out all fear."  I don't know if this means their god doesn't love perfectly, or if it is just further evidence of wildly contradictory statements in their bible.  If there are any Christians reading this, perhaps they can clarify.

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      James Johnson

      My mother dragged us to church three times a week. Religious belief was molded into my life by all of the sources constantly around me. When I got older I was very afraid of stopping what I felt and thought was rediculous "God" belief. One day I decided I would make up my mind and either go all of the way into it, or get all of the way out of it, no matter what!

      I'm so glad that I got all of the way out of it! Afterwards I could see things more clearly and assess the insanity it takes for people to follow, have faith in, and believe such clap-trap!

      It's part of our many psychological problems, and one of the reasons why people continue to engage in death and destruction on every level imaginable! When I listen to people praising God(s) that were created by mankind during a period when humans were frightened and superstitious beyond belief I can see why people are still annihilating each other.

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        Little Dreamer

        The fact that god was omnipresent and having an eye on me 24x7 was disturbing, but I don't recall having any  fear for god. I was informed about heaven and hell - but when I came to know that heaven isn't above the clouds as I was told or even somewhere that we know of, I simply gave up the idea that these places could even exist. I had a feeling that what I was being taught about god was not right - which led me to question god's existence. Soon, due to numerous reasons I converted into an agnostic. I didn't gave up the fear of god as it wasn't present in me at the first place, instead I gave up the need for a god.