WBC and Boston tragedy

Apparently the WBC may be at it again:


I am afraid if the WBC does try to picket, they will get more than they bargained for.  I think it's safe to say that Bostonians will just plain not allow it.  I like to think Bostonians will respond peacefully, with strength and solidarity.  After all, however, this is Boston.  (I live just over an hour outside of Boston).  This area is much more diverse since that April morning in 1775, but there is still a spirit of cohesion in the face of a common enemy.  People here are incredibly angry and ready to protect anyone else from being hurt.  
What I can tell you is that I want to be there if the WBC assholes are going.  I am not even from Boston, but I so completely detest the thought of any grieving family member having to ever see their hateful signs, I would be happy to stand in front of them myself.  Bastards.  I'm in tears just thinking about the collective wounded in Boston having to deal with the WBC.  Not HERE.  
If I feel this way, imagine how every Boston police officer feels at not having been able to protect that 8 year old boy who died, the two others who died, and the almost 200 injured people.  I imagine the Patriot Guard will be ready to make sure nobody has to deal with the WBC's vileness.  Still, there is the 1st amendment and the WBC has the right to protest.  As much as I hope no more violence happens, they should be afraid for their safety if they go ahead with it.
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    Missy Hollingsworth

    Funny... god hates cigarette marriage... nice huh. Such bigots! It's so sickening that people can actually be this stupid! Not ignorant, because ignorant can be taught... but there is absolutely no cure for stupid.

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      It is only a matter of time before someone does a drive-by on the WBC clowns. 

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        Dale Headley

        Thus is one instance where I expect the WBC loonies to back down and stay home.  It's one thing for them to picket amidst war veterans or outlaw bikers; it's quite another for them to put their lives at the mercy of of angry Bostonians.