Which is better ? Communism or Capitalism ?

From the time of Cold war the Capitalist's and communist's were contravene each-other.But whose Ideology and main motto of work is good.

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    Dale Headley

    They are equally good and bad.  Capitalism is good because it is a better economic engine for creating wealth. Communism is good because it is a more humane philosophy that says all people deserve a substantial piece of the economic pie. Communism is bad because it usually requires an oppressively authoritarian system of controls.  Capitalism is bad because it often stratifies society, thus creating a deeply poor underclass.  Both suffer from the same fundamental weakness: GREED.

    But there is a third option: socialism.  Ask just about anybody living in Canada, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Norway, France, and any number of countries which would be their choice among those three options and they would nearly all choose socialism.

    Personally, I have a strong preference for socialism, which is a balance of the two extremes.  There is a reason that, in virtually every survey ever done on the attitudes of people around the world, socialist countries always come out on top in terms of perceived happiness.  That is because everyone is guaranteed a decent level of subsistence; and people have NOT been brought up, as have
    Americans, to worship the accumulation of wealth as the ultimate objective.  In socialist countries, most people adhere to the idea that we are all our brother's keeper. 

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      If it's intended as a dichotomy, it commits the fallacy of the false dichotomy (GMO, threat or menace?).

      Both are bad in their purest form. If I had to choose, it'd be capitalism. However, I'd prefer a socialized form of capitalism.

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        Belle Rose

        I'm shocked that no one really has the balls to say it. Just say it: CAPITALISM IS BETTER HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        thank you very much.