So read a post today that makes me furious. I will post link. fair warning its not pretty nor is it something for tender hearted people.

 What are your views on animal rights groups and their responsibility to life and health of animals? What do you think should be done in regards to such things? 

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    PETA is counter productive for the fight against animal abuse

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      Nerdy Keith

      I've known about this for some time.  Even as a vegetarian I never trusted Peta, they are hypocrites of the highest order.  They really have to answer for this

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        angela kozma

        So many viewpoints.  When I posted this i was thinking about how to raise awareness that there are groups out there that say they protect animals then proceed to harm them. Peta is one of the more obvious ones. For record i do recognize that i am not a vegetarian tried it not for me. I spent time on a farm and I have hunted. I also own pets. I view them as  my companions. Which means I am required to care for them completely. I expect nothing from them but for them to be themselves. 

        I personally believe though if you spend your time defending animals. That you have to acknowledge their right to live free from needless death. I advocate spaying and neutering to keep population down, not senseless killing. When I hunt I use all of the animal so I do not waste the life it surrendered. I would say all life matters, but that is not an absolute truth for me. There are those people I question why they still exist and Darwin hasn't weeded them out. 

        These are just my thoughts on it and current comments.