Ways to get involved?


I'm new here, so here's a bit of background.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by a Roman Catholic family.  We attended church on Sundays early on but my family, though many of them believers, became less strict about our attendance at Sunday mass.  Still, I remember at a very early age listening to the sermons and questioning the logic of the church's beliefs.  I was also always confused at the almost cult-like activities at the weekly gatherings where attendees would chant in unison led by the old man in the robes.  As I grew up, my beliefs became absolutely firm.  While I am spiritual in my own way (based on positivity and negativity, which some might call good and evil, still others may say "god" and the "devil." My beliefs are based on science and nature, random events that may seem highly improbable on their own, yet in an infinite universe, it seems to me almost impossible life would not exist on not only one particular planet such as Earth, but on many we have no idea even exist at this point. But, that's getting off on a tangent, and there is another time and place for that.)

This post is about becoming active.  I consider myself lucky to be alive in times where more people then ever are openly and proudly affirming that they are non-believers, and I hope that in my lifetime science will prove without a shadow of a doubt that there is no creator, no god. (whether or not the political institutions of the major religions will allow this truth to be accepted is another story.) Still, I want to get involved in raising awareness, or spreading the word.  However, every time I look into it, the only option is to donate money.  I would not be opposed to this, however right now I don't have the funds to spare, and anyhow, I'd prefer to be more hands-on.  I want to donate my time and energy for the cause, and to meet like-minded folks, network, and get involved for real.  Anyone have any tips for an energetic young man with no leads?  Thanks in advance.