Fallout from the Steubenville Rape Conviction...for everyone

The verdict is in regarding the case of the two Steubenville, Ohio, rape case against two boys accused of raping a 16 year old girl. It's juvenile court so their sentences will be 1 year for one of the boys and 2 for the other, the difference being that one of the boys published a video of the offense. They will be in a juvenile facility, not regular prison.

Once they've served their sentences, both will have to register as sexual offenders wherever they go in the U.S. for the rest of their lives or face more prison time. Both were local football stars and good students. Now their futures are in a shambles. No, I don't feel sorry for them. They made their choice, and given the evidence of their values, they probably would have done some pretty shitty stuff at some time in their lives even had they not done this.

Other people took photos and videos of the situation as well. What's the significance of that? The Attorney General of Ohio has announced that this case isn't over. It's now known who was present and others may have participated to one degree or other. Also, not one kid present attempted to intervene, to call 911, or even to call an adult. It may be that some of them will have to stand trial as well.

Most of us here are no longer minors, but there's a lesson for us as well from the fact that so much of this case hung on evidence in social media and on the cell phones of those present (pictures, videos). The day when so many crimes came down to "he said, she said" or conflicting testimony are receding into the rear view mirror. 

It started with security video, then police dash cam video, but now cameras are everywhere. Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, their purse, or on their belt. When someone does something bad, the chance it'll be caught on camera increases daily.

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    Now we have girls trying to defend rapists and threatening the victim. How sad. Some girls never do learn.

    "(Reuters) - Two teenage girls were arrested in Ohio on Monday and accused of using social media to threaten the young victim in a high-profile rape trial that concluded this past weekend, state Attorney General Mike DeWine said."

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    I'm curious, were these boys from "Christian " families or was there any mention of that?

    From what I've heard from the girls mom I suppose she was.

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      Hank Hell

      I think the documentation aspect of it is significant. It contributes to the further victimization of the assaulted. It shows a further disregard for the humanity of the victim and turns their pain into a novelty.