Pope Benedict stepping down. Friends said they wouldn't take the job. I said:

I will take the job! I have a direct line to GOD! I will get the straight WORD from HIM. HE has already given me some new directives. He's going to rat out the whole bunch of them with my help. HE says that religion needs to go back to where JESUS said it should be, "In the closet...". HE said we can rent out the Vatican as a Fantasy Land amusement park.
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    Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before Resigning


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      Val Wuthrich

      Is the church going to continue with their current philosophy or are they going to change their current dysfunctional celibacy doctrine. Apparently being married to Jesus hasn't be working for them.

      Have men joined the order to hide their sinful sexual orientation, trying to bury it under the cloth so to speak?
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