Offering Condolences to Unseen

Unseen just posted these words in the public forum regarding his father recently passing away:

"He lived to 92 and died at home surrounded by his family after a long and steady decline followed by a series of medical setbacks and cataclysms. It was time to go. A very loving and generous man who never made an enemy, he will be missed by all who knew him."

Likewise in public, I have re-posted his words here to pay my respects. Unseen, as a longtime and prominent member of Think Atheist, deserves nothing less.

@Unseen: I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad you're back.

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    Hey Unseen! Sorry to hear of your loss... Speak his good word... and make happen what he would have wanted to see.

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      Gallup's Mirror

      He lived to 92 and died at home surrounded by his family...


      I've been thinking about what you wrote above. It reminds me how the family we leave behind is the closest we come to living beyond death. It's like family and friends are the only riches we ever really have. In that sense, your father died a fabulously wealthy man. I don't like the thought of dying, but I do like the thought of dying like that.

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        John Kelly

        Sorry for your loss unseen.