Atheist church, Is it a concern?

I feel there is a new cult religion on the rise, and  it may be some sort of demented warped version of a disbelief made to fit an idea. I was reading this article, and many people had the same concerns as me

"What happens in a Atheist Church"

There is a concern among some non-believers that atheism is developing into a religion in its own right, with its own code of ethics and self-appointed high priest

"It will become an organised religion. It's inevitable. A belief system will set in. There will be a structure, an ethical outlook on life," says architect Robbie Harris.

I understand people like to come together in a common cause or value, but congregating and having sunday meetings is a completely different thing. Things like this really anger me, because this is exactly the opposite being a free rational thinker or skeptic. Other than being an Atheist, we are all independent of our actions and thoughts, we are all our own individual self. We are not connected in any eternal bondage or any of that other nonsensical ideologies.

This is exactly how cults and religion start. It may start out as a harmless thing, but eventually someone will come and try to brainwash and manipulate others to follow that individual as some sort of demi god leader. I just doon't understand why some Atheists or free thinkers or rational thinkers feel the need to give atheism religious characteristics

I would like to hear your opinions on this matter.

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      I don't particularly like the word church being used. I definitely do not like some of the pictures I have seen of these "churches" that have a choir in uniform, a pulpit, and pews. It looks exactly like church on Sunday. 

      If atheism is going to do something like this then it should bring back the salons of the enlightenment. It would be the perfect way for atheists and secularists to meet, share camaraderie, and exchange ideas without institutionalizing non-belief. 

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        I find the answer in federal funding.$$$. As atheist we loose funding because we say it is not a religion. Even though the goverment is suppose to have seperation of church and state they don't. Churches gain funding and atheist loose. To me the answer is money. Sorry we need to stay abreast unless you have a better way to true seperation of church and state.