When, How and Why?

The When, How and Why about our very existence. This is how I would grade the two general schools of thought:

              Theists        Atheists/Science
When     Wrong         Evidence and Much Discovery
How       Wrong         Evidence and Much Discovery
Why       God's Will    No Explanation

Do you think science or atheism does, can and/or will ever answer Why? Must there even be a "reason" for the Universe.I do not think "to do good" is a necessarily a valid answer for atheists; why do good? It may be a valid answer for a theist. I feel the "why" questions undermines atheism because religion offers an (albeit, a ridiculous) answer. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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    I think that asking "why" is what we humans do, and probably one of the things that sets us apart from all other animals - as the scorpion said to the swan, "It's in my nature --"

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      How tall is anger?  How happy is lust? What colour is schadenfreude? All perfectly reasonable questions.

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      If I my righteous neighbor down the road (who has the bumper sticker about 'God is Number One') ever asks me about this "why" thing my only valid response would be "Two tickets to Jamaica, baby!"