R.I.P What Does it Mean to You?

I cannot get my head around people who use this term, & often look at them with a confused expression when I hear 'rest in peace'. What do people mean by this, & why do they feel they need to say it? 

To me & probably all of you, its an empty phrase, meaningless. But still, its branded about more than Angry Birds.

How do you feel with this phrase? & how do you react to it socially? Are you offended by it? Have you never really thought about it? 

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    Sarah Jane Hall

    I never have liked it partly because when I was a small child, before I learned about abbreviations and would see it on a gravestone i just thought it was saying rip as in rip paper.  I know that is a silly reason not to like it but to me seeing that always makes me think what a crappy thing to put on a gravestone.  Aside from that it is so unoriginal  and it's nonsense.  The person is dead not resting. 

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      I wouldn't overanalyze it. It's just a customary thing to say. There are certain situations that call for customary idiomatic expressions. When someone is about to perform a drama, one says "Break a leg." If a misician is about to perform, associates might say "Knock 'em dead" or "Kill 'em." I don't wonder why people say these things. I don't think RIP is connected to religion because, after all, it seems to contradict the notion that the deceased life will continue, only on a different plane.

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        Davis Goodman

        I shattered my leg and broke my back when I was younger. I can remember being in so much ripping pain I was begging the paramedics to put me to sleep so that I could wake up after the surgeries. But they couldn't. I had to be able to answer questions to the doctors once at the hospital and  they needed to see my reaction as they poked and prodded me. One of the greater horrors of this was that they set my leg not once but twice without any anaesthetic. When they finally wheeled me into the operating room I smiled at a woman and said knowingly "you're going to put me to sleep aren't you?" and she nodded telling me to count down from 10...9.......8.....................

        I imagine that some people experience life in general like the boy who was in so much pain he wanted nothing more to have induced unconsciousness. These people suffer greatly and see death as the ultimate pain killer and sleep, regardless of if there is an afterlife or not.