"Atheists dont believe in anything"


We've all heard this before: "atheists dont believe in anything," and of course that is not true. Unfortunately, I hear this all too often. Since beliefs are an individual thing (especially among the secular community), I pose the question to you: What do you believe in?


I'd love to hear as many thoughts as possible. Hopefully this discussion will generate a diverse enough pool that it would be worthwhile to link this as a response to statements like the one above.

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    Atheists don't believe in anything.

    I believe you're an idiot.

    Standard response.

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      Matt Thomas

      This is what's known as a "straw man fallacy".

      In an attempt to somehow discredit Atheists by firstly making a FALSE negative assertion "Atheists don't believe in anything" or in the positive assertion "Atheists believe in nothing". Both statements I have heard many times and both of which could have easily been stated correctly in the negative "Atheists don't believe in anything god" or in the positive assertion "Atheists believe in nothing god".

      Now you have your straw man it's time to beat up on it somehow. In this case by making your false assertion using a tone that infers not believing in this mysterious anything/nothing is somehow a bad thing. So what if I don't believe in "anything" SO FUCKING WHAT. That is my prerogative and not for you to judge lest ye be judged.

      Usually establishing the fallacy in the first place renders the second point irrelevant.

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        William Boyd

        Quite simply, I believe in myself.

        I feel that I know my limits.That's good information to have. Even though I try to push them always.

        I also believe that I cannot change the world, so I won't try.

        I also believe that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial life in the past, and will be visited again.

        My tuppence.