Hubble Successor Telescope

Technology has advanced and the time has come to put up a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.  NASA is well on the way to a next generation space telescope but to my horror, they've chosen to call it the James Webb Space Telescope!

"Who the hell is James Webb?" you might ask.  Well, he was a lawyer and a bureaucrat. He happened to be the top administrator of NASA through the glory years of Gemini and Apollo, but he was not a scientist.

Is anyone else offended by having a piece of advanced technology named after a bureaucrat?  I'm fine with putting his name on a government building, but I think the next generation space telescope should be named after a scientist - perhaps Carl Sagan.

Should we protest?

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    Here is Neil deGrasse Tyson saying what he thinks is the most astounding fact he can share about the universe.  I did not, apparently, inherit the 'embed code' gene, so I will post it as this link here.  It's under 4 minutes, and the text is also written under the video.

    Space rocks!

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      Reg The Fronkey Farmer

      @ Blaine - do you think if we look up without a telescope would we ever catch sight of one of these?

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        Reg The Fronkey Farmer

        Hubble is still working away.