Do atheists generally believe euthanasia is a good idea? Is it a religious concept to let God decide who lives or dies, while making the healthcare system do everything possible to keep someone alive- astounding hypocrisy in my view...
When and where do you think it's a good thing to do? Eg. Could we open beds in nursing homes once patients have gone catatonic? My mother, a baby boomer, feels this is an inevitability with our rapidly aging population. I'm not so sure, seeing the give it your all methods used even in palliative care sometimes.
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    I don't believe assisted suicide (or even suicide) should be prevented or should be a crime.

    If you don't own yourself and your life, what greater property can the government confiscate?

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      Here's a quick, brutal, answer: better to die humanely in a hospital than splattered across the road or train line. My reasoning is as follows:

      • Cheaper cleanup
      • more humane
      • patient doesn't need to move
      • less psychological trauma for all involved (don't forget family, friends, train driver, etc)

      The only downside I can see to euthenasia is if it is inflicted upon unwilling patients as a means of legal murder.

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      Suzanne Olson-Hyde

      I am a baby boomer, and I am for euthanasia. I am not into pain, and I will choose when I go, and it will be with dignity. That is my main thing, dignity. I have no fear of death, and I don't want anybody feeling sorry for me, and I am willing my body to a University, so would be doctors can cut me up :)

      People will have a choice, legal or not. It has ti be planned, not involving my partner, so he doesn't get charged with murder, or whatever. Party first, lots of 70 and 80's music, lots of champers. Way to go.

      When doctors know pain cannot always be controlled, I am out of here. And I am sure the overdoses of morphine, are to kill, but it is kept quiet.