Agnostics vs Atheists

I'm having a discussion on Facebook with my Goddaughter concerning Agnostics.  I find that ironic. I told her that the only difference between Agnostics and Atheists is that an Agnostic is open to the concept of an afterlife.  Both reject scripture. 

I was wondering what people on this site felt about the difference between Agnostics and Atheists.

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    Mark Say

    One thing I'll say for agnostics is that no-one has ever started a war in the name of agnosticism.

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      Agnosticism is organized around the possibility of a theistic deity. Atheists deny it 100%; agnostics say basically "I don't believe in God, but show me proof and I can change my mind."

      The idea that agnosticism is defined about an afterlife is nonsense.

      A theistic deity who created mankind but didn't offer them an afterlife is a conceptual possibility, granted that one of the psychological attractions of most religions is an afterlife.

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        Tiffany Willoughby

        agnostics say they dont know if there is a god or not. there is no way of knowing. athiests deny god altogether.