What do atheists do for the community?

A question was offered to me today from a Morman friend that I am working with.  He asked what atheist groups do for society.  This was a question that I am unsure of and thought that I would ask this group...any ideas???...not just on what Atheist groups do, but what could we do???

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    Emperor Milos

    Quick answer, atheist organizations do the same thing that christian ones do (if they are in the same field... medicine for example) but without the added baggage of bibles and forced worship.

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      My answer to the initial question is I don't know of any "atheist groups". Atheists are another member of society, and as members of society, they get involved in the whole spectrum of society, from volunteering in the community, participating in fund raisers, youth groups and sports associations, local politics, hospitals, etc.  As well as donating their time, they also donate money. Society will not collapse if religion and religious groups were not present.

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        James Cox

        Today, I and three other guys are going to run a tiller to set up our garden here for next year. A number of people I know are out of work, including myself. Focusing on a problem and solving it is good therepy, having a well packed garden can help my family and others.