Should the man be the head of the household?

Hello members of Think Atheist.  I don't remember this topic being brought up before so here it is.

The reason I am asking this is because on the Ok Cupid dating website, after browsing quite a  number of female profiles - they were able to answer a question and the question is as follows: 

"Do you think the man should be the head of the household?"

Well, to my surprise, I have seen quite a few females answer 'Yes' to the question and haven't yet seen a female answer 'No'. 

In my opinion, I think it makes no sense to call a man the head of the household and that it is also sexist. 

But apparently the females who answered the question wish it were true. 

1.)  Why do you think this is so?  Because females have this innate desire to be submissive?  Or is it because females want to hold onto the traditional so called 'values' associated with marriage?  Does this somehow go along the lines of the females wanting what they call an 'alpha male'?  Or something else entirely? 

2.)  If you feel you want to answer the question as a 'Yes', then why?  If you say 'No' , then why? 

3.)  What is your definition of 'head of the household'?  Does this mean all decisions are made by the male?  Does this imply the party who is working full time and earning the money get's to make the decisions? 

I look forward to reading the replies! 

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    I don't think there should be a 'should' to it.  People of both sexes run the range between passive (or submissive), and aggressive.  It should be up to each couple to determine the dynamics of their relationship.

    While males trend more toward being the dominant member of the household, I don't see where that it should be condemned or upheld as a standard.

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      Gregg R Thomas


      Why do people use a dating site?


      To get a date.


      To get a date their profile must be appealing to the target, so the answers to a questionnaire is mightily influenced by the goal, ie. to get a date.

      It's just Sales 101, trying to draw deeper meaning from the data is unlikely to provide much benefit.

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        Jim Duffield

        Greek/Roman/Judeo/Xtian history and thus operant conditioning in the Pavlovian manner.