How do I begin my work day?

No need to pray, for nothing is going to hear me anyway. A quiet few moments in the car, driving down the road, listening to classical music before I arrive at work, is a great way to start my day. Also, while I'm at it...just looking around at nature, the sky, the beauty that is all around us, and the wonder of our world all around us. It is amazing that all this developed over such a long period of time, and that all the creatures that surrounds us all descended over billions of years from one common organism, to what we have now.

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  • _Robert_

    I usually wake up and try not to disturb the supermodels and then squeeze-in a few chukkers of polo before work.

  • _Robert_

    ..actually I drive to work along a natural salt-water lagoon and often see bottlenose dolphin, osprey, manatee's and pelican....I know what you mean!

  • onyango makagutu

    wake up, go for a morning run, shower, check mail leave for work...