Why are only 25% of Atheist Women?

I have a 4 year old daughter and have a small battle on my hands to protect her from her mother's 'spirituality' and loose association with a church. I recently discovered that approximately only 25% of atheists are women.

Away from clichés about lonely middle aged women finding god, I've been pondering what are the other pitfalls that snare women in to the grips of organised religion or having independent spiritual faith?

Without wanting to brainwash my daughter myself, in what ways can I help her avoid others doing that to her? Or is there something maternally unavoidable about a women's increased tendency to be drawn to a god?

Intelligent people, please help to guide me along this difficult path.

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  • Gavin Martin

    Tom, I'm from a similar family, but I am concerned my daughter is over complimented and this may give her false expectations. On the other hand I like to tell her how strong or clever she is so that she know these are values too, not just being pretty (everyone tells her that all the time).
    You know, our world is changing more rapidly then we realise, but there is a clear divide between the reality TV types and the critical thinkers. Some of us know we have influence and will use it!
  • Gavin Martin

    but Tom would you want your daughter's self esteem dictated by the opinions of others?
  • Tom Sarbeck

    Gavin, I doubt that self esteem can be dictated by anyone.