Why I DON'T Accept Jesus Christ As My Lord And Savior.

I Do NOT Accept Jesus Christ.

As My Lord And Savior.

Because I Do Not Believe.

That Someone Else Should Be Punished.

For MY Actions.


I Do Not Believe.

That I Should Be Punished.

For The Actions.

Of Someone Else.




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  • Zachary Harris

    The simple fact that you made sure to put quotations around "good" shows how disgusting your view is. ... you relish the fact that we will be punished

    I don't relish it at all. When I put "good" in quotation marks what I was trying to express was that  I meant "good" (in some sense) from the perspective of the OP, merely in the sense that he will be able to "get what he wants". In like manner, you said, "I would still take hell over worshiping a monster like Yahweh," and so, quite sadly and reluctantly, I would say to you that the "good" news for you is that you will be able to get what you want as well. It is certainly not at all good from my perspective, but I am saying that you will be able to get exactly what you want, which I guess is "good" from your perspective.

    I hope that helps to clarify. I do apologize for causing any misunderstanding. I do not rejoice in the damnation of anybody.

  • Diane

    Zachary,  It is admirable that you don't relish our alleged damnation.  I have been told that Christians have tried to save me because they care about me and do not want me to suffer the fate of the unbeliever.  What people, possibly including yourself, don't understand is that I refuse to believe out of fear.  That just doesn't compute.  It's nonsensical and ineffective.

    The irony is that I am not against a divine being or an afterlife, but Christians push their version so much it clouds the issue and pushes me farther away.  I could, possibly, entertain the thought that there might be a god of some kind if only Christians would stop insisting this implausible and obtuse story of Jesus is part of it.  Christians who want me to believe in Jesus out of fear of being forever separated from God are wanting me to run before I can walk or fly when I can only jump.  It's such a backwards approach and it just leaves me shaking my head in wonder at the uselessness of it.

    And lastly, you will not hear me trying to convince you that you are wrong.  I don't care what you believe.  My interest is in what Christians are trying to coerce me into believing.  My psyche just doesn't work that way.  I wish Christians would just be happy with their beliefs and leave others alone without having to have that last word...( ie.  Ok, it's your choice, but you rejected Jesus and you will suffer the consequences.)

  • _Robert_

    So, tell me, how is this a fair judge? What court would allow a judge to rule on the lives of people, not based on the quality of their deeds, but on how much they worship the judge.

    Milos, Thank you for such succinct clarity. Defending god must be difficult. Good thing they know they are right or it seems impossible.