Rape Culture?

I'd like to get people's thoughts on this blog post: http://wrongquestions.blogspot.com/2012/10/your-daily-dose-of-rape-culture.html#comment-form

Please disregard the comments following the post--as is so often the case, the discussion there becomes a pissing match, and therefore irrelevant. I just want to know what people think about the initial subject. Does Western culture condone rape, in the mechanism of oblivious chauvinism? If criminal acts happen in a culture, does that define the culture?

Again, I honestly want any responses to be limited to the initial blog post. So tell me what ya think.


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  • greyfoot


    Of course I agree completely about the complexity of the disparity between our genders. Would that more people looked at it in such an even-tempered way. I can only roll my eyes everytime I hear "men are sex-crazed pigs" and "women are money-sucking whores."

    And, more importantly, I think you've touched on a problem with the initial blogger's approach. As I said before, her intent (I surmise) may have been to advocate victims, but her actual words take the thesis in a different direction, one that isn't that difficult to refute. Obviously she has some points, but her indictment is of our entire culture, not just one portion of it. Frankly, I find that offensive, as should anyone, male or female. The post, in my view, is more inspired by an ideological agenda than factual analysis or even honest observation.

  • Arcus

    What irks me is that men raping women is illegal and harshly penalized, both in terms of jail time and social ostracization. If someone I knew was a rapist I would never speak to that person again and cheer if some horrible fate befell him. I think every guy here would react in much the same way.

    On the other hand, if a woman tricks a guy into getting him pregnant, which is analogous to rape, then it's not only perfectly legal - she would in fact have the law on her side, and if the guy shirks his responsibilities he's considered a deadbeat dad - it's also socially acceptable. There's even plenty of advice on the internet on how to do it and women who share their stories of how they've done it. Seriously, from Wiki Answers to the question "How do you trick a guy into getting you pregnant?", you will find the answer to be "Tell him that you are using some sort of contraception like the pill so he doesn't have to use a condom, let him squirt and voila you are a baby momma".

    To put it sarcastically, feminists needs to clean their own house first.

  • June

    "To put it sarcastically, feminists needs to clean their own house first."

    Totally agree.

    Maybe we could have more people listen to Lauren Hill's "that thing," it should clear some stuff up.