Making God

Imagine that there is no God.  So your species has a meeting and decides it wants or needs at least one god.  What kind of god would you propose?  What would be its attributes?  Its powers?  Its motivations?  I have definite ideas about that, which I may post here later; but the purpose here is not to debate MY conception of an ideal god, but to give you the opportunity to describe yours.  Details, please!  

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  • Doug Reardon


  • James Cox

    It would seem to me, assuming that we 'create' the 'god' thing, that it is doubt full that it would be 'better' than its creater. But maybe we could 'allow' such a characteristic of this created 'god' thing, If  it is only a fantasy being. We could create a special guild for god creation, endow it with special privilages, such as miracles-special FX, etc. If the common person is clueless, fantasy and trickery should work as well as the real thing, what ever that means. Given the event of miracles, it would seem to me, that nothing but trickery or very good technology, would rest behind them.

    I expect that if we listed all the miracles, in the bible, and compaired them to our modern common day to day events or capabilities, the bible would look like amateur hour HS show and tell!

    Thanks 'god' for loaves to fishes. Raising the dead. Walking on water (thought I saw this once).


  • James Cox

    "Finally, I think I would like the god to reward rationalism and frown upon magical thinking, :D"

    Now we are really dreaming! LOL