Keep @Hypochristi in College!

Contributor to Emilyhasbooks & North Carolinian Christi Sevits, needs your support today. She's fallen short in the finances needed to continue her college education, and our help can keep her enrolled.

When Christi created this indigogo fundraiser with her father, she needed $3500, but only needs $650 after further paperwork was done at the school. So, I'm writing this, asking for a cause that I believe in.

Christi is a double major in English and Russian, and is on the Dean's List with a 3.55 GPA. She has the brains, the ambition, and the drive- what she doesn't have is $650 in order to further her studies, so that she can graduate. Will you pitch in a little green today, for Christi's education tomorrow?

If you're unable, I encourage you to share the link for others that are in a place to make this possible for her:
Many thanks & gratitude,