All Creatures Great and Small ???

It is interesting that the theists claim that their god created "all creatures great and small." This is an image of a deep sea creature called the humpback angler fish. It is one of the most gruesome, hideous looking, and downright terrifying creatures I have ever seen. It was in the most recent issue of Smithsonian magazine about the bioluminescence of ocean inhabitants. This strange fish has a "fishing pole" attached above it's eyes that moves up and down in front of it's formidable teeth. The lure on the end of the pole is a glowing pulsating dot of light that brings victims to their doom.

It is remarkable that a loving caring god would have an inclination to produce such a dark intimidating figure. The process of evolution could in reality only be responsible for this underwater nightmare.


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  • Strega

    wow, there's a case, if ever I heard one, for "Intelligent Design"...

  • Diane

    Thanks!  I know more about the anglers than most people would want to!  It's a sickness, I think.

  • Ed

    @ Strega

    Intelligent design, uh huh. It's one of those old mysteries of life as to why this fish is a scene from anyone's worst nightmare.