FFRF Attorney Andrew Seidel destroys Bill O'Reilly on Fox "News"

I enjoyed watching Freedom From Religion Foundation Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel go on Fox "News" and destroy goon Bill O'Reilly on January 18, 2013.

  • James Cox

    I did not see the 'destroy goon' as suggested. I did see the 'goon', as usual, denigh a visitor to his show the right to finish their thought without inference. 'Bill O'Reilly' seems frightened by most visitors, if he was secure, he would atleast have an honest conversation. This seems a similar tact taken by some theists or ideologues.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Andrew Seidel falsified virtually every point Bill O'Reilly attempted to make, particularly in asserting the secular natures of the Constitution and Presidential oath of office. Seidel slapped him apart.

    What points do you think O'Reilly made that Seidel didn't refute or invalidate?

  • James Cox

    "What points do you think O'Reilly made that Seidel didn't refute or invalidate?"

    Sadly, my in-ability to sort through O'Reilly's interview style, was very painful. O'Reilly, uses a method of badgering and noise to drown out his visitor, independent of the visitor's good points and honesty. If O'Reilly really was at an honest debate, most people would hang him out to dry, I expect 'shutup, or be disbared' would be used atleast once for him. Fox News makes no attempt at an honest debate, making it easy to hate/dislike them. O'Reilly makes every attempt to silence, including telling the visitor to 'shutup', appearing to other thugs in his audience as if he won, but only after using a noise club.

    I leave it to you to determine the 'winner'. For me, anyone that attempts to debate O'Reilly deserves the greatest respect for putting up with him.