How to disprove an answered prayer?

I am agnostic, my parents are Christians. We debate about it every now and then but they have kind of given up debating with me because they can't disprove any of my points, they just say to keep reading the bible and quote verses that say that say that non Christians are willfully ignorant. About 2 or 3 weeks ago my mom lost her wallet, and has been complaining to everyone about it ever since. 2 days ago she had us all go in the living room and had my younger sister pray that God would help us find the wallet. About 1 or 2 hours later someone called from Wal Mart and said that a wallet in lost and found belonged to her. My mom has been using this against me ever since. I've already told her about studies that showed prayer has no effect on the health of hospital patients but she just says she doesn't know, and it's God's will. How do I show her that things like this aren't sufficient evidence for a personal god?

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  • Freek

    You could also go with the flow and let them have their little victory. Then, when something happens that merits praying, see if the prayer is answered this time (assuming it's not again something that can and will solve itself anyway). If it does happen (the more unlikely case) it may be a good idea to be scientific about it and start building a database of answered prayers (I know I'd be interested to witness answered prayer first-hand).

    But when it does't get answered, start questioning why it doesn't get answered. And now you can easily smash down every excuse by retorting that God did bother to bring back a wallet, but not help out with the (worse) thing that is being prayed for now.

    Now your family has the choice to admit that the wallet thing may have been a fluke, or that their god can only be bothered with the small and insignificant (and often self-solving) stuff. They may not want to admit either way, but you can draw the conclusion for them. In any case, it will stop them trying to rub in the wallet thing as evidence.

  • Mabel

    One word "coincidence".

  • Gregg R Thomas

    Show her a card trick.

    But just before the "reveal" say a prayer to Satan.

    That should do it. :D