Atheism is a conclusion, not a belief.

This is some thing I wish more people would realize.

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  • Unseen

    Imagine I produce an envelope and tell you God is inside it. You can believe it, disbelieve it, or reserve judgement until you open the envelope. You may hold any of the three positions, even if the envelope is never opened. If you disbelieve God is in the envelope because you don't believe God is a possible or factual being, you are an atheist by belief. If you reserve judgment, you're basically an agnostic whose mind could conceivably be changed, even if you think it's extremely unlikely the required evidence is possible and can't even imagine what it would be (probably an undeniable miracle).

    Setting agnosticism aside and considering atheist, it's still 'incongruous, inaccurate, or dishonest' to both draw a conclusion and then maintain that you don't believe it.

  • Strega

    Schrodinger's envelope.  God both exists and does not exist in the envelope... until it's opened :)

  • Unseen

    I have always thought it absurd to insist that you have concluded that God doesn't exist, but that you don't believe that conclusion. Not all beliefs are based on faith. To conclude that there is no God SHOULD result in a disbelief in God and a disbelief is just a belief stated negatively.

    There isn't a dime's worth of difference between concluding that God doesn't exist and disbelieving in God.