Westboro Baptist Church

I have had the enlightening experience of being both Christian and atheist in my 31 years on this planet, so I am able to look at the Westboro Baptist Church through both sets of eyes. 

I followed the WBC story as I have always been intrigued by cults; particularly the way in which cults snare high functioning intelligent adults. Through my own studies regarding these issues, I came to the realisation that, as a Christian, I too was in a cult. I am now an outspoken atheist, free from the shackles of religion. 

What I realise now when I look at the world's reaction to the WBC, I see that the people they anger the most, are indeed other Christians. I look upon the WBC's actions with utter disgust. But I don't believe that they are twisting the word of God. They are following the word of their god to the letter, as all Christians are supposed to do. And Christians get upset about this because they have been raised in differing sects of Christianity which have been designed and redesigned to suit the feelings and lifestyles of those who were not willing to follow every single word of God; but who rather chose to follow certain words of God. That is; the words of God that suited them; the words of God that could fit comfortably into their lifestyle. 

The WBC do not do this. They follow the bible to the letter, and no one can deny that they are all well versed on their scripture. 

Don't look at the WBC as hate-mongers, as psychos, as brainwashed freaks... view them as they are: true Christians. And then look at the ludicrously of Christianity as a whole. The God of the bible does not allow for selective judgement on his words. He has given his people free will to either follow him or reject him. He is not forgiving of middle ground, of luke-warmness, of selfish personal interpretation. 

The Christian god is nasty, hateful, and jealous, as are his true followers, the members of the Westboro Baptist Chrurch. 

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