The Age Of The Earth, According To Human History.

I'm Sure That Everyone On Here Is Aware That Creationist Claim That The Earth (And Subsequently The Whole Entire Universe) Is Only About 6000 Years Old.

Now I Know That There Are Many Methods Of Scientific Dating That Shows Us That The Earth And The Universe Are Much Much MUCH Older Than 6000 Years Old.

And I Sort Of Understand The Processes And Methods Used, Like Radioactive Decay, But To Someone That Is Far Less Scientifically Literate Than Me, Those Methods Just Mean Nothing.

So I Was Wondering If Someone Here Could Help Me Out With A Little Bit Of Human History.

I Have Seen A Picture Of Sam Harris Making The Point That 6000 Years Ago, The Sumerians Were Inventing Glue.

And I Saw Another Picture That Said That 6000 Years Ago Is When We Were Domesticating Dogs.

And Then Another One About Germans And Sex Toys.

So I Was Just Wondering If There Was A Timeline Or Some Sort Of Picture Or Even Just A List Of Different Human Achievements Or Key Moments In Our Human History, Maybe Certain Wars, Inventions, Art, Migrations, Or Anything, That Shows Us That The Earth Is In Fact Older Than Just 6000 Years Old Because There Were Already Humans Here Doing Things At That Time And Even Way Before 6000 Years Ago.

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  • Dave B

    Here's a great page to read. At the bottom is a timeline titled "Cultural History." I believe this is what you're looking for.

  • Pope Beanie

    Astronomers and cosmologists have pretty scientific timelines.

    Even if their science isn't obvious, what's convincing is that different scientific disciplines agree quite a bit on ages, for different scientific reasons.

  • Unseen

    Ever heard of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey? Read about it here. This site has been dated to be at least 11,000 BC, which is some 6,000 years BEFORE Stonehenge. Prior to its discovery and dating, the oldest civilization honor was something of a tie between the civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Ancient India, both dated to 5,000-6,000 BC. Gobekli Tepe is so old that it has one wondering if there was an Ancient Dark Ages before the Medieval Dark Ages covering the period between Gobekli Tepe and the ancient civilizations of Egypt and India.